Friends Again - State Of Art chords

State Of Art
Friends Again

Standard Tuning

F/C-C-; (3X) F/C-C pause
F/C-C-; (4X)

F/C C Don't Hide away inside yourself
F/C C Or lie in a state in your room
F/C C We altered our image
F/C C To irresistible frame
G Am Was she something worth loving
F She was all that and more
G Am Helping watchers on shores
FM7 With subtle beauty (hoo)
G She was all that
Am FM7 And she was all that and you know
FM7 It's my eyes that tell me
F CM7-FM7-;(3X) She's a work of art
FM7 Well, is this heaven
F Or just the state of art?
Ad lib CM7-FM7-; (3X) CM7 pause F/C-C-; (4X)
F/C C Violence steps upon our lives
F/C C Danger firm and strong
F/C C The world search upon us
F/C C Like a projector
F/C You know what they say
C F/C Don't look any further than this
C F/C You need the touch of a lover's kiss
C F/C C An irresistible frame
(Repeat Refrain & Chorus) Ad lib CM7-FM7-;(3X)
FM7 On our hearts there's deafening
F (Ad lib) Why don't you gently write the score?
Ad lib CM7-FM7-;(2X) CM7--Am-G-FM7--
FM7 Well, is this heaven
F (Ad lib) Or just the state of art?
Ad lib CM7-FM7-;(3X) CM7-FM7-CM7
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