Frightened Rabbit – Floating On The Forth tab

Artist: Frightened Rabbit
Song: Floating on the Forth
Album: The Midnight Organ Fight
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning (Capo IV)

C: 032010
D: 000232
G: 320033 

Intro: (this intro melody is played thru the entire song with some variations, listen with CD)e|-3-----------------3----------------3-|B|---3--0-1-3-0-1--3----3-0-1-3-0-1-3---| then,
Verse 1 Chords: G D So you just stepped out of the front of my house C G and I'll never see you again. D C I closed my eyes for a second and when they opened G You weren't there. D And the door shut shut I was vacuum packed, C G Shrink-wrapped out of air D And the spine collapsed and the eyes rolled back C To stare at my starving brain, Chorus Chords: G C G D And fully clothed, I float away (I'll float away) G Down the Forth C G Into the sea, I think I'll save suicide for another day. Verse 2: Use verse 1 chords And I picture this corpse on the M8 hearse And I half run away to sleep on a rolled up coat Against the window with the strobe of the sun And the life I've led Am I ready to leap is there peace beneath The roar of the Forth road bridge? On the Northern side there's a Fife of mine and a boat in the port for me, Final Chorus: G C G D And fully clothed, I float away (I'll float away) G C (play this C on thru the next 5 lines) Down the Forth, into the sea I'll steer myself through drunken waves These manic gulls scream it's okay Take your life give it a shake Gather up all your loose change G C G C (to fade out) I think I'll save suicide for another year.
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