Frightened Rabbit – Fuck This Place chords

Fuck This Place
By Frightened Rabbit & Tracyanne Campbell

Not 100% on the tab or lyrics, but it sounds pretty close.


F CAn itch, my eye
Am FTwitch like a memory, forgotten bars
F COne of those cities, one of those nights
Am FEveryone's 'darling', everyone's 'sweetheart'
F AmThis drink to hold my hand,
Am FOne glass of anything, anything cheap
F CAnd I'm here, just because
Am FEveryone else's come just to be seen
F COh I don't know these buildings
D7 FI think I'm lost
VERSE: In the perfumed armpit of town, Develop a debt now, these people are pricks Six feet stones, wrapped up in bow Such disappointment when the paper is ripped So I stand, still boring and bored Itching my eye again, against the wall At the end, at the close, Would you be good enough to take me home? CHORUS: Cause I don't know these buildings I think I'm lost x2
F CWould you, would you
Am FWould you be good enough to take me home? x4
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