Friska Viljor - In The Nude chords

Artist: Friska Viljor
  Song: In the Nude

Tabbed by: Björn

C Am EmIn the nude i'll get up and sing for you
F Cjust to start your day up good
Am Emcause i'll be wreck it someday soon
F G Amit's my nature from the womb
C Am Emtake your glass and i'll raise mine up to yours
F Cand we'll drink for something new
Am Emand we'll mean it yes it's true
F G Am'till tomorrow at least we do
Dm, F, Clalalala...
Dm, F, G, Clalalalalaaaa...
C Am Emyes it's you, and it's you that pulls me through
F Cand my love is oh so pure
Am Emyou're my friend and that's for sure
F G Amand we'll keep running until we fall
Ref.: lalalala...
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