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From Ashes Rise is a Hardcore band from Nashville, TN. They have toured with Death B
Stereo and many other bands. They have played in hundreds of shows in several different
countries. They currently have a new CD out called Nightmares.

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From Ashes Rise - "They"
tabbed by JustLikeAkimbo

Gtr I (E A D G B E) - 'From Ashes Rise - They'

Gtr I|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------9-8------------------------||------------------------------------9-9-9-------------6--8-9---8-9----9-9-9------------||-11-11-9-9-7-7-2--9-9--11-11-11-----7-7-7-11-11-11--------------------7-7-7-11-11-11---||--9--9-7-7-5-5-0--7-7--9---9--9-----0-0-0--9--9--9--------------------0-0-0--9--9--9---|(x4 in the beginning, x4 at the end)| x4 | x8 | x4
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