From Autumn To Ashes – Eulgy For An Angel chords

From Autumn To Ashes
Eulogy For An Angel
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Key: G, F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em - 022000
D -  xx0232
C -  x32010
Dm - xx0231
C -  x32010
F -  133211
Eb - x68886
Am - x02210
A -  x02220
Gm - 355333

Intro: Em-D-C-D- x3

Verse 1:
Em In a world of despair
D our lives will end
CSome without warning
Dwhile others die by design
EmUnder watchful eyes
Dwe tread on evil ground
CWith jaded eyes around us
Deach step is scrutinized
Chorus: Acoustic
Emin the pouring rain
Dwe speed this car
C Di try so hard
Verse 2:
EmIn this life we lead
Da choice will be made
CWhere we go from here
Dwhen our time is done
EmAt the gates of heaven
Dangels stare at us
CMay they lead you home to
Dwhere you'll live in peace?
Verse 3: Heavy growl
Dm-Eb-Dm-C-Dm F You take
without warning
Dm Eb Dm(i'll shut myself up and
C Dmblack out the windows)
FAs we sit and wait
Dm Eb(its best to consider
Dm C Dmme dead as well)
FBreath in take a life
Dm Eb (i'm hoping in time
Dm C Dmi'll get over)
FBreath out cleanse your soul
Dm Eb Dm(i might be fine when
C Dm Dm-Eb-Dm-C-Dmi get older no way)
Verse 4:
Dm FYou took her life
CI gave you mine to ease the pain
Am Dmof my soul to show you how
Gm A Ammuch she's meant to me
Dm CI will fight for our lives
Am Dm Gm Aand take them to our graves
Breakdown: Em-D-C-D- x3 (Repeat Verse 1) Breakdown: Em-- x8 Outro:
AmI will defy you
The evil from above Open my mind Let you in I will not forgive the sins you made
Em--You took her life from me
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