From First To Last - Chyeaa tab

Chyeaa - From First To Last
Tuning - Drop D
Tabbed by FromRossToLast 
This appears to be how Matt plays it live, so i'm assuming he does the same on the track.

e----------------------|b----------------------|g----------------------|d----------------------| X2a----------------------|D-0000000-15-0-15-18v/b| ^work out the rhythm... v/b, slightly bend and apply vibrato
e---------------------------------------------------------|b---------------------------------------------------------|g---------------------------------------------------------|d---------------------------------------------------------| x1a---------------------------------------------------------|D-0000000-15-0-15-18v/b-14-17v/b-10-13v/b-0-3h-5h-6-3*-3*0| ^work out the rhythm... v/b slightly bend and apply vibrato * = pinch harmonic h- hammer on
repeat 4 times
end on:d-0~|a-0~| let ring...D-0~|
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