From First To Last - Christmassacre tab

Hi this is my 2nd tab
From first to last wrote this track for the punk/metal compilation CD "taste
of christmas" featuring the taste of chaos tour bands singing christmas based
songz. its by far their heaviest track.

tuning drop c:CGCFAD  (most of the song is palm muted so i didnt include PM)
there is also a second guitar playing the same riffs at different times.

intro pt 1|6-5----6-5----6-5--------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||----7------7------7--7777777777777777------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||------------------repeat a few times-------------------||-------------------------------------------------------|
intro pt 2/verse 1 slow bit repeat x 4|-------------------|--------------------|---------------||-------------------|--------------------|---------------||-------------------|--------------------|---------------||repeat-------------|1-1-1--1-1-1<-------|---------------||2-1----------------|1-1-1--1-1-1|----1--------------|1-1-1--1-1-1<-------|3-2-----1-0~~~-|
chorus x2 interlude|--------------------------|-----------------|---------------------||---voice part-------------|-----screamo-x2--|-----9/////////------||--------------------------|-----------------|---------------------||3-3-333-2-22--1-1-111-0-00|-1-1-111---------|---------------------||3-3-333-2-22--1-1-111-0-00|-1-1-111---------|--repeat a few times-||3-3-333-2-22--1-1-111-0-00|-1-1-111---------|---------------------|
repeat verse (without slow bit) and chorus
|---------------|||---------------|||---------------|||---------------||ok now the lyrics|-1-------------|||-0-------------||
lyrix verse 1 all i got this year was this lousy head to tear presents wrapped with greed turn your back and walk away slow bit MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS give it away x4 chorus dont forget your christmas cheer, cos santas going to die this year SANTAS GOING TO DIE, SANTAS GOING TO DIE! pete wrentz plays in fall out boy heres his numbe girls and boys 8 4 7 400 48 1 AND 4! interlude !you better call him hes in fallout boy you better call him! 2nd verse all i want this year was a model and a beer presents, my queen will rule you all, fuck this world and deck the hall, (CHORUS) outro SLAYING!(repeat)
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