Frontier Ruckus - Christmas Eve Driving Home chords

Frontier Ruckus - Christmas Eve, Driving Home
Tune of Greensleeves, Key of C

Am - C - G   -   F   -   E
Am - C - G   -   F - E - Am
C    -   G   -   F   -   E
C    -   G   -   F - E - Am

AmThe churchyard is frozen
Dm7 GThe Salvation Army is closin'
Dm AmYour child is dozin' asleep
Dm AmIn the backseat
Dm AmThe radio purrs
Dm Am Dm Am Em7The heater is sweeter than when your heart was hers
AmGoing home
AmI can't get sleep
Dm7 GBethlehem is a flock of sheep
Dm AmWith no shepherd to cling to
Dm AmAn angel to sing to
Dm Am Em7Magi to bring you myrrh
AmThe radio purrs
AmA mansion of saviors
Dm7 GI-75 is a dark roadway lined
G G GWith the wild electricity of the
Dm AmAnimal behaviors
Dm AmThe bodies of young deer
Dm AmThe fam'ly it leads to
Dm Am Em7The sacrifice needs to not mar
AmThe bright beacon star
AmNo vacancy taken
Dm7 GThe landscape is bone-chalk yet wet with vibrations
Dm AmFrom the lamp-lit gas stations
Dm AmOur few constellations
Dm Am Em7To course lapping anger onto
AmA manger of patience
AmI'll see you at morning
Dm7 GThe sterile air coming
Dm AmFrom the yard will come white light
Dm AmThe memory of last night
Dm Am Em7The sickness and thickness of the
AmChristmas glow swarming
OUTRO: C - G - F - E C - G - F - E - Am
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