Frontier Ruckus - The Latter Days chords

Standard Tuning
Capo on 2nd fret
Relative to capo



|-------1--1------1--1---------1--1--------1--1------1--1------1--3-------------| |-------3--3------3--3---------3--3--------3--3------3--3------3--1-------------| |---2---2---------2------------0------0h3--3-----3---3-----0---0-----0h2-0------| |-------0-----0---0-----0-2-3--3--------------------------------------------3---| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
|--------1--1------1--1---------1--1--------1--1------1--1------1--3-------------| |--------3--3------3--3---------3--3--------3--3------3--3------3--1-------------| |--------2---------2------------0------0h3--3-----3---3-----0---0-----0h2-0------| |----0---0---------0-----0-2-3--3--------------------------------------------3---| |--------------0-----------------------------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Dm |----1--1----1--1--| |----3--3----3--3--| |----2-------2-----| x2 |-0--0-------0-----| |---------0--------| |------------------|
Bb |------------------| |----3--3----3--3--| |----3--3----3--3--| x2 |----3-------3-----| |-1-------1--------| |------------------|
C |------------------| |----1--1----1--1--| |----0--0----0--0--| x2 |----2-------2-----| |0h3-------2-------| |------------------|
Dm BbMy family does own some land where the river is wide
C BbAt night I see my memories dimly dying on the other side
Dm BbI know that I am now all bitterness and tart
C Dm BbAnatomy to me is a homesick stomach and a broken heart
Dm BbYou rest-stops in the midnight are like friends I've worn to bone
C BbI only notice that you're glowing when I'm feeling so ever alone
Dm BbDrunken with the children now too many times to complain
C DmTrustful was the mouth I turned into a lustful sopping hole and
BbNow it's nothing but a bathtub drain
Dm BbThe latter days are harder than I ever could've known
C DmCome back to retrieve me sometime soon
Dm BbIf the latter days are ending then I hope I'm ending too
C BbAnd buried someplace where your breath tastes new to me and
DmAlways blowing, so my body's bent and bowing
Bb CDeep into the day's ending in summer
Bb CThe latter days are always panting like a second-comer
Dm BbAll the fleshy statues of the city-square goodbyes
C BbAre flinging smooth-skin trinities and nakedness up into my eyes
Dm BbNaked swan-necked girls, your arching backs into the sun
C DmThe highway ditch's black clouds split the median and
BbBreathing in of all the ribs of every bathing one
DmAnd in those trash-pit-ponds you bathe and
BbOh, how you all gleam
CMindlessly bright where you're wet in
BbYour eye-lashing, fluid-splashing, rapid-flashing
DmCanal-bleaching dream
For me
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