Fruit Bats - Silent Life chords

Em G There's a light beyond the sticks and stones
D CPast the piles of broken bones
G FIt could melt a frozen heart
CIf it needs to be so.
(Same for rest of song) It's the place to cut the weeds and wires And dodge the thorns and quills It's a place divides Divide where the river stand still ( G,C here) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Back to em,g,d.c ; g,f,c pattern) It is time to weather stormy seas And suck the venom clear We could clean the poison veins And while we are here We could shake the buzzards off our tails And keep the snakes at bay Hear the sirens fade and the thunder rumble away (G,F, Em, C for 1st and 3rd lines here and G,F, C for 2nd and 4th lines) It's the place tectonic plates will pass each other not to touch That's the sound of the new silent life It's the place where all divides divide and the rivers all stand still That's the sound of the new silent life
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