Fruit Bats - Dragonships tab

Fruit Bats

Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo, hoo
Ba-ba ba ba ba-ba baa

Bm A G D (alternate with xx0032)e:----------2-2-2----------0--0---------3--3------------------------2-|B:----------3-3-3----------2--2---------0--0------------------------3-|G:-------0--4-4-4----------2--2---------0--0------------------------2-|D:-----0----4-4-4---0------2--2---------0--0------------------0-2-0---|A:-0-2------2-2-2-----4-2--0--0--4-2-0--2--2------------0-2-4---------|E:--------------------------------------3--3--3-2-3-2-3---------------|
A E I wish I was a man on a western land D A I'd dig my spurs into the western sand A E I'd dig on the view across the big red sky Bm D Dig my ax into a pine and watch the chips fly Refrain: A G D I'm gonna go, this time I know, city's got me feeling like a motherfuckah! A G D Bm Bm This one is it, after I quit, I can't write a love song worth shit! I wish I was a Viking in 1103 I'd fuck up shit on the high cold sea Did you know that the Vikings were always ripped? They kept a lot of drugs on their dragonships Refrain A G I wish I had a tape recorder D I'd tape everything I ever said A E D Intro Solo (repeat D and xx0032) Refrain x5 etc.
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