Frusciante John - Wanna Begin Again tab

Tabbed by Josh Munro for Improvements. 

Words and lyrics By John Frusciante 


Eminor                D 
I know Your a slave Kid 

Eminor            D 
And You Are my Slut 

Eminor             D 
Bleeding Fames Blood 

Youll Be on Both ends 

I'll Make it (view Tab Part To play this C) 

C chord for the Tab Bit For above E--------------0 B--------------1 G--------------0 D--------------2 A-0-----2------3 E----------------
Verse 2 same Verse 3 Same The final part of this song goes Emin G D Aminor No Know Were still Evil p.s im not good at writin tabs but I think this is fairly Understandable as the song is pretty simple
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