Frusciante John – Height Down tab

Artist: John Frusciante ft. River Phoenix
Song: Height Down
Album: Smile From The Streets You Hold

Hello all!
This is one of my favourite John Frusciante songs, and my
first contribution to the tab archives on the internet.
I did a bit of searching, but couldn't seem to find a
satisfying tab, so I went ahead and figured it out on my
own. Here it is, standard tuning and all, transcribed for
only one guitar, though you should be able to split it in
two or three and add the guitars I've let out if you want.
The lyrics resemble what I hear, though I realise no two
hear this song the same, so you should go ahead and use
those here as a guideline only, though I believe them to be
quite accurate.
Do keep in mind that a lot of the notes in the intro should
be played as pull-offs.
Keep also in mind that it is an out-of-tune recording, so
my tab is what I think is closest.

Your fellow Frusciantaholic

Verse: C# | A#m I'll send flowers Again for her Miles and castles and castle guests A gift disguised Disguised as my rival G# | F# | A#m * 2 Fast-singing part (deep breath now) G# | F# | A#m live your life no regrets psycho did you hear dirty boys always seek that rollercoaster yeah it falls yeah im happy i can sure see everything y'a don't want a fireplace fillin' for the sun C# | A#m Murderers helping hands In our soul removal Leaders is staturing love Kings who give it to her for me G# | F# | A#m Feather I sense (or whatever, mumble your way about it) G# | F# | A#m *3 D#m | F# | B Failing light now it's tied to the wall we realise We'll soon come after what you plan for I'm pleading for those who leave tomorrow to do it right D#m | F# | B * 6 A# | D# | F | F# | A# | G# | F# *2 Then there is a D#m thing with 2 guitars, just pick around D#m for a while and then there is a bit of a A# pentatonic minor thing,I guess, again, just fool aroung a bid in D#m with a bit of fingerpicking, and then end on a big nice A#
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