Frusciante John - Remain tab


[intro] G D Em C, G D Em C

G                D                            Em               C2
Defender of this heart, You loved me from the start, You never change
G                     D                         Em            C2
Through the highs and lows, as seasons come and go, You never fail

C2        Em       D           Em    C2           Em            D  Em
Day after day Your love will remain; Faithful and true, You are good

        C2                     D                Em                   D
You are God with us, You're victorious, You are strong and mighty to save
         C2                         D                       Em  
For Your word stands true, there is none like You, and when all else fades
You remain

[transition] G D Em C

G                     D                         Em               C2
When troubles come my way, You guide and You sustain, Lead me, I pray
G                D                    Em             C2
Forever You will be the great eternal King now and always


[chorus] x3

Cause' day after day You never change
Day after day You are the same
C                   D        G
Day after day You remain
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