Fu Manchu – Tunnel Vision tab

"Tunnel Vision" from Start the Machine; Tabbed by Nick Rosendahl.
Tune guitar down one whole step.
There's a lot of chugging in some of these riffs, and I'm not going to tab the amount, 
the frets that are played.

Intro/Main Riff (the intro is played just a little differently, listen to the song to it out. It's the exact same frets).D----------------------------|A----------------------------|F----------------------------|C-------5-----3--------5-----|G---------3-5---5--------3-5-|D--3--3-----------3--3-------|
At the end of the main riff play power chord 3-3-6 (Low D string) first time, and then the second time. The verse riff is low D string power chord chugs on 3 and 6, with 8 and 1 at the end of the verse. "Taken away from me" is 10, 8, and 3.
The next riffD------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------|F------------------------------------------|C------------------------------------------|G------------------------3-----------------|D-3-3-6---3-6---3-6--3-6---6-3--6-3-6--3-6-|
And the next oneD-----------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------|F-----------------------------------------------------|C----------5-5----------5-5----------5-5--7-7-7-5-5---|G--5-8-8---3-3--5-8-8---3-3--5-8-8---3-3--5-5-5-3-3-6-|D--3-6-6--------3-6-6--------3-6-6------------------3-|
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