Fuck Im Dead - Barefoot And Shit Faced tab

Very first riff before verse|---------------||---------------||---------------||7---7--6---6---||7-7----6-6-----||5------4-------|
Verse 1|----------------------------||----------------------------||-------------------22-------||-222330022233322233--222333-||----------------------------||----------------------------|
Fill Between Verse 1 and 2|---------------||---------------||---------------||--4-3----------||5-2-1-3--5-4-3-||3-----1--3-2-1-|
Verse 2 listen hard to hear that this is correct.|-----------------0--||-----------------0--||----------------(0)-||--4-3---------------||5-2-1-3--5-4-3------||3-----1--3-2-1------|
Chorus: the 2nd set of '2' notes is very fast to hear, on the 2ndchorus it's easier though to hear.|-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||2222000022333333-||-----------------||-----------------|
Extreme Palm Mute for fill between chosuses|-------------||-------------||____---------||.---\-_____--||3-.-.-.-.-.\-||--2-1-3-2-1--|
Then it plays the chorus again before this a fill before the final verse.
Verse 3 [the final verse] has the same riff from verse 2.
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