Fuel – Hemmorhage tab

Artist: Fuel
Song: "Hemmorhage"
I had some errors in the previous version, and I also added the solo.  I was very tired when I submitted the earlier version.  This one should be correct.  Good Luck!

Tune guitar 1/2 step down.

Chords: Bm:X24432  Asus2:X0220X  Em:02200X  
        Dsus2:XX0230  A:X0222X  Asus4:X0223X
        G:35543X  D:X5777X  F#m:24422X  F#:244322

Intro: (W/Chorus, Distortion, and Slight Vibrato)    (Start with feedback)
      Bm   Asus2   Em (Let chord ring for 2 measures)

Verse 1: (W/Chorus and Clean)  (Let the notes ring)

Repeat above riff during whole verse. Bridge 1: (Still Chorus and Clean) Em Dsus2 A Asus4 A Em Dsus2 A Asus4 A Chorus: (Chorus and Distortion) G D A F#m G D F# Verse 2: There are 2 Guitars playing here. One guitar is playing the clean verse riff above like in verse 1 and the other is playing these chords behind it: (W/Distortion and Chorus) Bm A G A *I usually play the 2nd verse like the 1st verse, but with Distortion and Chorus because I am the only guitar player in my band. It sounds fuller when you have just 1 guitar player. Bridge 2: (W/Distortion and Chorus) Notes in "()" are single notes on low "E" string (G) (F#) Em Dsus2 A Asus4 A Em Dsus2 F#m Chorus: (As written above) Build before the guitar solo:
E|----------------------------2-| (Hold F# chord)B|----------------------------2-| (Let F# Chord ring)G|----------------------------3-|D|--------------------2-4---4-4-|A|------2---2-4-5-4-5-----2-4-4-|E|--3-5---5---------------0-2-2-|
Guitar solo is easy. Use Chorus, Distortion, and Vibrato. You can figure timing out by listening to it. It's slow and easy. Play: (Bm A G A) behind it. Solo: (Fades in)
Bridge 3: (Play like Bridge 2) Final Chorus: (W/Chorus and Distortion) G D A F#m (Repeat several times) Play this riff towards the end of the song over chords above:
Ending line of Song: G D A (Let "A" chord ring)
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