Fuel – Bittersweet tab ver. 3

Performed by Fuel (live)
Written by Fuel

Tabbed by Bill Robinson and Lynn MacKinnon

This Song is the unreleased version of Bittersweet(acoutic) which can be played with one or two guitars. If your playing with just one guitar follow gtr1 tab but if your lucky enough to find to hardcore Fuel fans to play with, it sounds SWEET


Cmaj7 Amaj7 E Bm7* A Em G7 C D A#/Bbe-|--0-----0-----0-----2-----0-----0-----1-----0-----2-----0B-|--0-----2-----0-----0-----2-----0-----0-----1-----3-----3G-|--0-----1-----1-----2-----2-----0-----0-----0-----2-----3D-|--2-----2-----2-----0-----2-----2-----0-----2-----0-----3A-|--3-----x-----2-----2-----0-----2-----2-----3-----x-----0E-|--x-----x-----0-----0-----x-----0-----3-----x-----x-----x
Intro gtr2 Cmaj7 Amaj7 E Cmaj7
Bm7* A
gtr1 - main riff Em G7 C D
gtr2 - brigde (plays with main riff)
e-|-------------------------------------------------B-|-------------------------------------------------G-|-------------------------------------------------D-|--------------------7---7---7---7---7---8--8--7-- <--line up with the C and D chordsA-|-------------------------------------------------E-|-------------------------------------------------
gtr2 - after verse 2 (plays with main riff)
e-|--15----15----15----15----14----14----14----14--- <----steady beatB-|-------------------------------------------------G-|-------------------------------------------------D-|-------------------------------------------------A-|-------------------------------------------------E-|-------------------------------------------------
gtr1 - "in this bittersweet riff"
A A#/Bb Ae-|--0--------0---0-0--0-0---0---0B-|--2--------2---2~3--3~2---2---2G-|--2--------2---2~3--3~2---2---2D-|--2--------2---2~3--3~2---2---2A-|--0--------0---0-0--0-0---0---0E-|--x--------x---x-x--x-x---x---x
gtr2 - second chorus (with in this bittersweet riff)
ok 1..2...1..2..3..4 {intro} {main riff} x2 + {bridge} for gtr2 Em G7 Seven sin of wantonness and C D Everything that's good is gone Em G7 C D Sell it for glory from the peers Em G7 C Silicone priestess scratch the back and D Twist the knife to bone Em G7 C D Kick against the pricks and scrape the shins A A#/Bb A Em I'm the enemy in the enemies now {chorus} G7 C D Swallowed the pill Em G7 C D And drank to the fill Em G7 C D All these things I carry now A A#/Bb A In this bittersweet .....In this bittersweet now Try to hold the world there sinking Swimming in a paper cup Try to own the one beneath the skin Held up to the flames still singeing Skin begins to draw and tuck Never told theres not a chance to win What couldn't be, wouldn't be now G7 C D Swallowed the pill Em G7 C D And drank to the fill Em G7 C D All these things I carry now A A#/Bb A In this bittersweet .... in this bittersweet now Hold your hand up to the sky and try So hard to rise above But everything is beating down {chorus} G7 Swallowed the pill And drank to the fill All these things I carry now In this bittersweet now Another look gtr1 gtr2 {intro} {intro} (chord part) {main riff} x 2 {bridge} x 2 {main riff} x 4 {main riff} x 4 (softly) {bittersweet} {bittersweet} (softly) {main riff} {main riff} (softly) {bittersweet} {bittersweet} (softly) {main riff} x 2 {bridge} x 2 {main riff} x 4 {beat a} x 4 {bittersweet} {beat b} {main riff} {beat a} {bittersweet} {beat b} {intro} {intro} (chord part)
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