Fuel – Innocent Acoustic tab

Artist: Fuel
Song: Innocent ( Acoustic Version )
Tabbed By: Chris Hlasnick

E 022100
D x00232
Dsus4 x00233
C 032010
Cadd9 x32033
D/F# 200232 (use thumb its easier)
G 32003
Em 022000
C5 x355xx
D5 x577xx
B5 x244xx



E D Dsus4 C (Play 2x then singer comes in)

E                D Dsus4 C                   E  D Dusu4 C
Satan,                     you know where I lie
E         D Dsus4 C            E            D Dadd4 C
Gently I go        into that good     night


Chords: Cadd9 D/F# G D/F# A C D

Cadd9              D/F#   G     D/F#
All our lives get com    pli    cated
 Cadd9                 D/F#      G  D/F#
Search for pleasures over       rated
 Cadd9           A
Never armed our souls
              C             D
For what the future would hold
                    E                  D Dadd9  C
When we were innocent...                           innocent


Angels, lend me your might
Forfeit all my lives to get just one right


All those colors long since faded
 And our smiles all confiscated
 Never were we told
 We'd be bought and sold
 When we were innocent   (Go into solo in E)

Solo for acoustic Rythem: Em  then on Low E hit 0235 then C5 and 0235 D5 0235 D5 0235 then D5 Then B5


This prayer is for me tonight

This far down that line and still ain't got it right


Cadd9                 D/F#    G    D/F#
And while confessions not    yet   stated
 Cadd9           D/F#     G      D/F#
Our next sin is con     tem     plated
Cadd9         A
Never did we know
          C             A
 What the future would hold
        C                     D (hold D)(Then pause)                                         
Or that we'd be bought and sold

We were innocent.

Play intro 2x Then end on E
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