Fuel - Leave The Memories Alone tab


I dont really know the little "soloy" bits or the bit at the end ... I WILL lern it and 
upload it lol
but here are the chords!

(barre chords work best) - Listen for strumming pattern

VERSE 1 (clean - no distortion)

D             A      G
So here I am with my thoughts of you,
D                      A        G
   And this world I've left for me,
D              A      G
   Stoic faces when I think of you,
D            A      G
   And how I once beleived,


A                     B
   So now you call me,    but you know I won't let you through,
C                    G
   I've myself to deceive.


D                      A     G
  So leave the memories alone, I don't want to see,

*this is the same as the verses, but distortion starts to came in - only low though but 
through the song.

VERSE 2 (same as verse 1 & chorus with a little distortion)



BRIDGE *listen out for strumming

               B       A       G
... In my memoryyyyy,
               B       A       G
    In my memoryyyyy


OUTRO - same as the verse and chorus

I will try 2 add the solo thingy at the end wen i lern it

hope this helps :)
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