Fugazi - Shut The Door tab

e --------------------------|B --------------------------|G ----------------7--repeat-|D ----------------9---------|A ---9-repeat-----8---------|E ---7------------7---------|
(00:18-00:47) - PART 1 cleane ----------------------|B ----------------------|G --12/14----7/9--------|D ---x/x-----x/x-----9--|A --10/12----5/7-----7--|E ----------------------|
(00:48-01:02) - PART 2 cleane ------12-------12------|B ----------12-------12--|G -----------------------|D -----------------------|A -----------------------|E -----------------------|
(01:02-01:18) - PART 3
e ---------------------|B ---------------------|G ---------------------|D --12/14----7/9-------|A --10/12----5/7---2---|E -----------------0---|
(01:18-01:44) - PART 4e -------------------------|B -------------------------|G ---2222-444444---2222-4--|D ---2222-444444---2222-4--|A ---2222-444444---2222-4--|E ---2222-444444---2222-4--|
Then again PART 1,2,3,4 and repeated PART 3 which ends with:e --------------------|B --------------------|G --------------------|D --------------------|A --12-13-14-15-16----|E --10-11-12-13-14----|slide up toward end of guitar neckBass interplay is twice spiked with Eo (03:44 and 03:51)
e -----------------|B -----------------|G -----------------|D ----9b-----------|A ----7b-----------|E -----------------|
Third time at 03:58 enriched with powerfull bending and vibrato it ends with : Shut the door, so i can leave..... and Part 3 closes this beautifull song! This is as i understood Ian's guitar while Guy's basically do the same adding same notes in higher octave, or makes nicely controlled noise. I take no credit, enjoy this amazing song one of the greatest bands ever, FUGAZI!
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