Fugazi - Last Chance For A Slow Dance tab version 2

Main Riff:e|---------------------------------------|B|-----3-------------------3-------------|G|-2/3---3-------------2/3-------------x-|D|---------2-0---------------222-2p0-----|A|-------------0---------------------0---|E|---------------------------------------|
So I'll leave it... outside your door Ge|-3~--|B|-0~--|G|-0~--|D|-0~--|A|-2~--|E|-3~--|
Back into main riff But you'll be leavin... the way you came (Play G again) Chorus: D D7 C G G G Shot shooting, shot shot, shot shooting yourself for what? D D7 G F To taste all the waste (Chorus X2) Back into main riff, then chorus again
**************************************************************************** Throughout the song, I think Ian plays the outro part through the verses along with the bass, but more quiet, then becomes more prominent at the end. He still plays the chorus and the "G" break with Guy, though. And Guy plays the main riff alone.
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