Fugazi - Provisional tab

FUGAZI-ProvisionalTabbed by: Nick Graziano(This is only the louder guitar not the one in the background)Here's the intro-e |-----------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|--14--12--11--9--7---5---4----------|D|--X---X---X--X--X---X--X------------|A|--12--10--9---7--5---3---2----------|E|------------------------------------|
Here's the verse-e |----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|--14--12--11--12--14--14-----------|D|--X---X---X---X---X---X------------|A|--12--10--9---10--12--12-----------|E|-----------------------------------|
(After this it continues playing the A like this:G|--14D|--XA|--12Every now and then he does a little muted strum-In the quiet part he lets the A ring and puts his guitar up to his amp to cause feed back-)
Lyrics- Somewhere in these private minds, The last one comes just in time to clear out The chambers and sew up the lips, 'Cause that's the price to pay for hoping every slips not a slide. In other words not to get it wrong, It's pointless to walk when it's past time to run. Secured under the weight of watchful eyes, Lulled to sleep under clear expansive skies. Somewhere in these prying hearts Conflicting histories tear us apart And we hope we don't get what we deserve, Hide behind the targets in front of all the people we serve.
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