Fugazi - Caustic Acrostic tab

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Artist : Fugazi
Song   : Caustic Acrostic 
Album  : End Hits
Transcribed by : Robert Fernandez (re_ferna@ece.concordia.ca)

Intro riff (played through verse as well):

Verse chords:
Caustic Acrostic, by Fugazi lights out for the cynical sharps for their wide-eyed foils and all attendant props supporters of flash and pan-friend fucks who greast like cops throwing round their body weight and i feel dangerous and vexed swinging two ton second guess and every motion just cuts too cruel too cruel and the implication is that you're implicated like a caustic acrostic spelling out your name lights out cos i can see in the dark sidewind my way to the mark of fuse lines gas-wet for a spark i crash i burn i've fuly lost it anyway and you're lost it anyway and you're nowhere lights out loser /**************************************** please direct comments/corrections to: * re_ferna@ece.concordia.ca * Robert Fernandez * ****************************************/
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