Fugazi – Give Me The Cure tab

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From: cborst@cs.tamu.edu (Christoph W Borst)

Fugazi tab for "Give me the Cure"

Transcribed by Christoph Borst (mohawk@tamu.edu) sometime in 1994
               Please send me comments, corrections, etc.

README: Over the past couple years I have seen several ASCII tabs for
        Fugazi songs.  Not until recently did I actually dig out the old
        record and realize how far off most were.  So, I played along
        with the songs a couple times to find something that sounds better:
        Think of this as an improvement to the already available tab.

        I don't claim that it's perfect -- I am not a big Fugazi fan and
        this is typed from memory.

At the beginning, it's like this:

---------------------------------|-----3-----2---0-----0-----2---3-|---------------------------------| (repeat many times)-2-2---2-2---2---2-2---2-2---2---|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|(let ring on most notes)
Note: At one point, the second half of that part is left off. Also, some chorus or an overdub is added for a while.
Then, it does this: ------- ---| ------- and it ends up just ---| -----3- (repeat strumming this -3-| -2-2--- several with crescendo: -2-| ------- times) ---| ------- ---|
Then something like this chord is struck: -0- -5- -4- -2- --- ---
The second half uses these chords:(I have not indicated how many times each is struck) --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -7- -6- -4- -6- -7- -7- -6- -4- -6- -7- -5- -4- -2- -4- -5- --- --- --- --- ---^^Note: you may want to strike the open E string or an E chord at the beginning
and again, but with high part added
--- --- --- -------| --- --- --- -------| -7- -6- -4- -8/9\8-| -7- -6- -4- -6/7\6-| -5- -4- -2- -------| --- --- --- -------|^^Note as above
This riff is thrown in periodically for good measure: (the last chord is cut from the figure that precedes it)
------------------------ ---|------------------------ ---|------------------------ ---|-5--5--5--5--7--7--7-5-- -2-|-5--5--5--5--7--7--7-5-- -2-|-3--3--3--3--5--5--5-3-- -0-| ^^^ This last chord just begins the next figure, which was given about 30 lines up.
When we are no longer amused, the song approaches its end by varying the previous riff -- the following is added:
------------------------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|----------------------/\------| (make the last note waver by bending the-9-----9-10---9-----9//\\-----| neck forward or using the whammy bar or-7-----7--8---7-----7/sl\--0--|~ whatever you've got, or you can simulate it with a bent note one 7th up)
Finally there's a mess during which I just hold the following chord. I emphasize different tones in it to make it sound more like the recording, e.g. by hitting just the open E or A strings sometimes and the other 4 strings other times. You could also pick a sort of up-down pattern on the EADG strings -- listen to the song to hear the B (from the G string) in that pattern. -0- -5- -4- -2- -0- -0- have a nice day -:)
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