Fugazi – Returning The Screw tab

Artist : Fugazi
Album  : In on the Kill Taker
Song   : Returning the Screw

Transcribed by : Robert Fernandez (re_ferna@ece.concordia.ca)
		10:57 PM 06/05/98

Intro : D" e--0--------------------------------------------B--3---3-----3-----3b4r3------------------------G--2-----2-----2---2b3r2--0-----0-0-------0-0---D--4-4-----4-----4----------2-0-----2-0-0-----2-A--0--------------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------------
Verse : (chords) (a fine disservice...) Bm D5 A B5 B5 D5 A B5 (3 times) A#/Bb C5 B5-->Bm (in between verse)
Bm D5 A B5 A#/Bb C5 Ee--2-----------------------0----B--3-----2-----------------0----G--4--7--2--4-----3----5---1----D--4--7--2--4-----3----5---2----A--2--5--0--2-----1----3---2----E--------------------------0----
Interlude :
<--------repeat 4 times-------> D"e------------------------------|--0--B--------3-------3-------3b4r3-|--3--G--2-------2-------2-----2b3r2-|--2--D----4-4-------4-------4-------|--4--A------------------------------|--0--E------------------------------|-----
Outro : (chords) (the point has been recorded....) Bm A E (4 times) (returning the screw....) B5' D' A' (8 times)
B5' D' A'e------------------B------------------G--4-----7----2----D-------------0----A--2-----5----0----E------------------
Returning the Screw, by Fugazi a fine disservice deceptive too check for the sender the sender was you caught me wide open no simple burn this is complicated calls for return fine disservice intended too check for the sender the sender was you the point has been recorded the malice has been revealed when i stripped away the humour from the arrow it concealed sharpened and soaked in urine it was meant to spread disease but now discovered becomes the sweet antithesis returning the screw it comes back to you /**************************************** please direct comments/corrections to: * re_ferna@ece.concordia.ca * Robert Fernandez *
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