Full House – Bailes tab

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Full House - Bailes

Intro (played with acoustic guitar)
	G   C   F   Am   G   C   F(let it ring)
Verse 1
G           C
Man bail no gaismas
F               Am
Kad sap?i piepild?s
G        C
Lai lido sap?i tie
F                Am
Kas neatk?pjas - virs? n?k
G             C
Lai lido tie, lai lido tie
F            Am
Kurus balsis sauc
G             C
Jo sp?rnu nav tik daudz
F                 Am
Jo sp?rnu nav tik daudz

Chorus (with distortion) F E Ame|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|----------22222222--------------------|D|--3333222222222222--------------------|A|--3333222200000000--------------------|E|--11110000----------------------------|
F E Man bail no tumsas Am Kad saules nav starp mums F E Man bail no gaismas Am Kad sap?i piepild?s F E Man bail no tevis Am Kad tu man tuvojies F E Man bail no s?p?m Am Kas mani l?n?m ielenc Bridge F E Am x2 Verse 2 (acoustic guitar+ electric with distortion played chords once) G C Man bail no tevis F Am Kad tu man tuvojies G C K? melna tumsa F Am~~~ Tu n?c un ej G C Bet s?pes k? dad?i F Am Aiz?eras un paliek G C Kas t?s dz?s?s F Am Tu vai es Chorus Bridge Verse 3 (same as verse 2) G C Man bail no tumsas F Am Kad saules nav starp mums G C Es v?los k?du F Am Kas mani tums? neatst?j G C Kas manas bailes klied?tu F Am Kad es te tums? s?d?tu G C Bet kuri no tumsas baid?s F Am Lai nepiesak?s Chorus Bridge Chorus Bridge
Outro F E Ame|-------1------0-------0--~~B|------1------0-------1~--~~G|-----2------1-------2~~--~~D|----3------2-------2-----~~~~(let it ring)A|---3------2-------0~~~~--~~E|--1------0-------0~~~~~--~~
Chords used: G C F Am Ee|--3--0--1--0--0--|B|--0--1--1--1--0--|G|--0--0--2--2--1--|D|--0--2--3--2--2--|A|--2--3--3--0--2--|E|--3--x--1--0--0--|Something or what? e-mail: fullhouse@e-apollo.lv
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