Full Scale - Party Political tab

This is a kick ass Australian rock band that has only released 1 album. The only single
they released off this album was Party political which is a sweat song that I decided to
tab because I have no life. My friend introduced me to them when he got a punk rock
sampler cd in the mail. They are sweet check them out.

/-slide up\-slide down()-palm mutep-pull offe----------------|b----------------|g----------------|d-x-xx-xx-xxxx---| 11 timesa-x-xx-xx-xxxxe-x-xx-xx-xxxx
Choruse-----------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------|g-----------------------------------------------|d-2/4/6\2/66/8\4\2\0/6-2/4/6\2/66/8\4\2\0/6(666) 2 timesa-2/4/6\2/66/8\4\2\0/6-2/4/6\2/66/8\4\2\0/6(666)e-2/4/6\2/66/8\4\2\0/6-2/4/4\2/66/8\4\2\0/6(666)
inro 7 times Chorus 2 times intro
e-9p7\6-8p6\5-9p7-9p7\6-8p6\5-9p7-|b---------------------------------|g---------------------------------|d---------------------------------| 2 timesa---------------------------------|e---------------------------------|
intro Bass & drum fill chorus 3 times on 3rd time end on the 4th time you play
this is the 1st tab i've ever done and i did it by ear so i hope it's remotely close to the acctual song
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