Funeral For A Friend - Beneath The Burning Tree tab

Song: Beneath the Burning Tree
Band: Funeral for a Friend
Album: Memory & Humanity (2008)
Tuning: Db/C# (Eb Bb Gb Db Ab Db)
Tabbed by: Luke Townsend (

Hi guys, my first tab and I thought Id make it available to all because it pisses me 
when its only available off guitar pro and stuff.
So here ya go, pretty simple stuff really. Enjoy =]

Intro/verse (very staccato) Ending 1 Ending 2Eb|-------------------------|-----------|----------------|Bb|-8-----8-----8-----8-----|-----------|----------------|Gb|---0-0---0-0---0-0---0-0-|-5h7-7-----|-4h5p4----------|Db|-------------------------|-----------|-------5~ or 7~-| ~=VibratoAb|-------------------------|-----------|----------------|Db|-------------------------|-----------|----------------|PM: * * * * * * * *
Prechorus (I wont bother with the strumming its simple enough)Eb|--------------|Bb|--------------|Gb|-----4-5--7--|Db|--2-4-5-7--|Ab|--2-2-3-5--|Db|--2-----------|
Little bit before the main chorusEb|--------------|Bb|--------------|Gb|-----4--5--2--|Db|--2--4--5--2--|Ab|--2--2--3--0--|Db|--2-----------|
Chorus Ending 1Eb|-------T15------------T17------|---------------------------------------| For ending 2------ &Bb|-12h13----(x4)-12h13----(x4)---|-------------------------T17-------T19--------------------- & Gb|-------------------------------|-9h12-T19-9h12-T19-12h14-----12h14-----| 4 lots of the 9h12 &Db|-------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------- &Ab|-------------------------------|---------------------------------------| 12h14 T15--------- &Db|-------------------------------|---------------------------------------| 12h14 T17--------- &simply double the and 2 lots of the
Middle 8Eb|------------10-------------|Bb|-8-----8-------8-----8-----|Gb|---7-7---7-------7-7---7-7-|Db|---------------------------| Repeat numerous times then kick back into the chorus but playAb|---------------------------| ending 2 first this time.Db|---------------------------|PM: * * * * * * * *
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