Fyfe Dangerfield - So Brand New chords

Wonderful song from the wonderful Fyfe. Always sounded a bit like "Girl, You'll be 
a Woman Soon" to me - and also a song in which Fyfe's Beatles fanboy comes out a bit x

Gm CFly yellow moon
F GmYou put the smile back on my face
Gm CFly yellow moon
D (Then bass scale down: D D+C D+Bb D+A)Fare you well
Gm CFly yellow moon
F BbYou give this charmless world some grace
Bb (Bb/F)and I don't know how you
Bb (Bb/F)do all of these things you do
Gm CThey're so brand ne----ew
F Bb(ah-ooh-aah-ooh-aaaa)
Gm CSo brand new
D (Then bass scale down: D D+C D+Bb D+A) -pause for drumkit sounds. Get some pots and pans around you while you play or randomly hit the scenery for Fyfe+ points- Once I was livid Once I was in hate Once I was Lear on the rocks The coast collapses Autumn leaves without a trace We're rolling down a hill Yet our bodies lie here still They're so brand new So brand new
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