Five For Fighting – Heaven Knows chords

Verse 1:
Em CThere's no time to waste
G DIn this famous goodbye
Em C G DThere's Angels landing on the shore
Em CSo lay down with me
G. DLet the river run dry
Em C G DIt's Sunday in the six-day war
Pre Chorus:
Em C GSmile darling don't be sad
Em CStars are going to shine tonight
Em C Tell me where the good men go
G D Before I wash away
Em C Walk me down the old brick road
G DSo I can die where I met you
Em C Hold me like we're going home
G D Turn your tears to rain
Em C Bury me beautiful
G DHeaven knows how I loved you
Em C G DOoo-oo-ooo (x4)
Verse 2: There's a children's choir in perfect parade Singing like they found the Lord I can't say it they'll let me in But we can dance the way we did High above up the seventh floor Pre Chorus Chorus
D And how i loved you
EmFather hear your Son
CDo the good die young
GDid I raise you up, raise you up
DMake you Proud
EmLet the sun go out
CTear the bridges down
GI'm on my way, on my way
DI'm going home
C G DOoo-oo-ooo (x4)
Chorus (no ooos straight to) Chorus
Em C G D Heaven Knows
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