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Foreigner – Night Life chords

|A |A  D | (4x)

A E AWake up in time to see the sun going down
ATurn on the six o' clock news
A E ASee what's happening in this town
A E AI take a walk down to the corner
AI meet those bad girls hanging around
A E ANever doing what they oughta
F#m EOooh, yeah
D F#m EI get caught up in the action
D F#m EGotta find the main attraction now
D F#m EGotta get some satisfaction
D AYou better take me to heart of that night life
D ALooking for some night life
D ANeed a little night life
D E ALiving in the daylight just don't agree with me
AOooh, night life
A E AStealing through the night like a wolf on the prowl
ANot a bird, not a plane
A E AI'm just a mean old night owl
A E AWatch me hit, run, gotta move on
A E AGoing wild in the night, 'cause I'm hooked on the neon
F#m EOooh, yeah
D F#m EI'm looking for some action
D F#m EI gotta find my main attraction now
D F#m E'Cause I need some satisfaction
D AWon't you take me to the heart of that night life
D AA little bit of night life
D A D EOooh, I need some night life full of bright lights and noise
AIt's time to separate the men from the boys
[Guitar solo] |A E |Asus4 A Asus4 A | (3x) |A E |D |D |D |D | |A |A D | (3x) |E |E |E |E | [Chorus]
A D(Night life) I ain't talking about no high-life cabaret
A D(Night life) I need something, just something to pull me away
A D(Night life) Yeah, holding me and the noise
EIt's time to separate the men from the boys
A D(Night life) It can get kinda rough
A D(Night life) We'll see who's standing when the sun comes up
A D(Night life) Yeah, the skyscrapers
EBut the night life is a formal attraction
A D A(Night life) Yeah, c'mon, c'mon. Night life
DWhoo! Oooh, oooh
A DNight life. Anything goes
ENight life. Having the time of my life
A D(Night life) All in a day
A D(Night life) We're all crazy, baby
A D E(Night life) Ha. Whoo, oooh, oooh, oooh!
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