Dancing On The Ceiling chords with lyrics by Frank Sinatra - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Frank Sinatra – Dancing On The Ceiling chords

  [Verse 1]

F AmThe world is lyrical
Ddim7 Because a miracle
Gm C7 FHas brought my lover to me
Fm C7#11 C7 FThough she's some other place, her face I see
F AmAt night I creep in bed
Ddim7 And never sleep in bed
Gm C7 FBut look above in the air
Fm C7#11 C7 FAnd to my greatest joy, my love is there
[Verse 2]
F Am FaugShe dances overhead
Gm G7 C EmOn the ceiling near my bed
C7 FIn my sight
Gm C7 Dm F Dm FAll through the night
F Am Faug I try to hide in vain
Gm G7 C EmUnderneath my counterpane
C7 FBut there's my love
Gm C7 Dm F Dm FUp there above
[Verse 3]
C7I whisper, "Go away, my lover
FIt's not fair"
C7But I'm so grateful to discover
F Cdim7 C7That she's still there
F Am Faug I love my ceiling more
Gm G7 C EmSince it is a dancing floor
Gm C7 FJust for my love
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