Memories Of Love chords with lyrics by Future Bible Heroes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Future Bible Heroes – Memories Of Love chords


Cm Cm/BbMemories of love creep in
Ab Gm CmQuiet as a mouse
Cm Cm/BbWhen you're finally sleeping
Ab Gm CmAnd they fill the house
Cm Cm/BbThey begin their quaint folk dance
Ab Gm CmThe bed starts to shake
Cm Cm/BbSome get in your pajama pants
Ab Gm CmAnd you jolt awake
Ab CmSome are like a sip of champagne
Ab EbSome are harder stuff
Ab CnSome are advertising campaigns
Ab Eb BbMemories of love
Cm Cm/BbEvery secret desire
Ab Gm CmEvery teenage crush
Cm Cm/BbEvery little cragmire
Ab Gm CmCome to make you blush
Cm Cm/BbEvery pecca-dillo
Ab Gm CmEvery sordid scene
Cm Cm/BbWhat you said to your pillow
Ab Gm CmWhat you dared to dream
Ab CmSome are vicious lies and libel
Ab EbSome are true enough
Ab CmSome are modern, some are tribal
Ab Eb BbMemories of love
[Break] Cm [Verse]
Cm Cm/BbEvery tearless farewell
Ab Gm CmWhen a young man died
Cm Cm/BbIn the empty stairwell
Ab Gm CmWhere at last, she cried
Cm Cm/BbYou say: "that's not funny
Ab Gm CmJust go away!"
Cm Cm/BbSoon you're down on one knee
Ab Gm CmBegging them to stay
Ab CmSome are brilliant, some are awful
Ab EbSome are summer fluff
Ab CmSome are heavy Russian novels
Ab Eb BbMemories of love
Ab CmSome are trips through fields of daisies
Ab EbSome are pretty rough
Ab CmSome of them will drive you crazy
Am EbMemories of love
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