G Love And Special Sauce – Blues Music tab

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From: GLove1012@aol.com

Song :  Blues Music
Group:  G. Love & Special Sauce
CD   :  G. Love & Special Sauce

(main riff)---------------0--------------------------|---------------0--------------------------|---------------9--------------------------|--------9------9--------------------------|-----6---------7--------------------------|--7------------0--------------------------|
ah how me and my band all must agree we like to get groovy with the sounds of the old time we like to jam cause man sounds from the bandstand hand for the cause man hang from the old ones the tones the gears the props and the rides very much in chillin outside way back... from where music really started I'm a child of the eighties from where i departed since then i started a collection of the people who started it all I reckon therefor I kept them in my sock like money blues music... it's all about rockin the van not rock to roll but sway to sway shocks work out I play what that fly girl Sabine say... about eight miles to the gallon that's some hiway sailing cool cool lounging Atlantic City bounding 1920's to the 1970's a stream with some pool solid steady getting ready real cool the earth amp sock hat hihat dope Dobro D'Addario strings for my things the bass wail sings let the rhyme bring the tense of the time of the old time blues music blind lemon Jefferson and juice B.M.W.'s the proof frosty Albert Collins bukkha white Booker T. James Brown Jimmy Smith at the console the soul with the girls Aretha Chakka Khan the show Solid Gold Cisco and Sonny and Lead Belly too peoples that rode with Woody and you Bob Dylan a million Sears Silvertone guitars heard the licks no need to take them nowhere blues music it's like chewing gum with your headphones on like drinking lemonade or chilling on the front porch after running ball like you lost a twenty dollar bill you got a free ticket from the scratch and win it's like the swimsuit issue I think I need a tissue? it's like you and your baby got nasty cut off and left alone now making eyes on the city bus again grandma cooks blueberry pie little sister got a boyfriend it's like smoking the ride the final right the vinyl rides blues music...
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