G Love And Special Sauce - This Aint Living tab

So I've seen a few tabs on the net for this song and they're either completely wrong or 
dodgy and only playing like, 2 or 3 notes at a time. So I watched a few of G's videos on 
and figured it out myself.

Basically the whole song is: CMaj7   G   BbMaj7   F   (If these chords look too hard for 
there are some variations at the bottom)

  CMaj7    G    BbMaj7   F

Of course there are variations in the song like before Jasper starts singing. I'm not sure on any of the ones where he changes chords, but I know in one part of the song, he out the G and the F. So he just plays this. CMaj7 BbMaj7
Hope that helps! Now you need to listen to the actual song to get the rhythm right and but these chords should get you pretty well sorted. Chord variations: CMaj7 G BbMaj7 F
CMaj7 G BbMaj7 F
Just try and mix and match the chords together to get what's easiest for you, but to get exact sound as G. Love, try and eventually learn the first chords I gave you, as that's he played it in an acoustic youtube video he recorded. Any comments, e-mail me at little_devill_14@hotmail.com
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