G Love - Just Fine chords

A	E	F#m	C#m	D	A	E   (X2)

A EI got bills to pay, overdue since May
F#m C#mBut paying bills ain't something I'm a do today
D AI'd rather write a rhyme about the life I threw away
EAre you the reason that my skies went from blue to grey?
A EI wasn't me, love ain't nothing but a four letter word
F#m C#mWhen you heard what I did, my bridges were burned
D AAnd now I'm stuck on the wrong side, it's gonna be a long night
EAll the fine girls in the world, they don't mean nothing now
D A DCause women come and women go
A DBut for something real, you gotta take it slow
A EI ain't too smart, but one thing I know is
DNobody wanna live alone
E F#mSay you love me one more time
C#m DSay you need me to get by
A ESay you love me and I'll be just fine
A E F#m C#m D A EI'll be just fine (3x)
A EI'll be just fine if you give me just half of your time
F#m C#mCause your kiss is so delicious like this glass of fine wine
D AI'm a drink it up, see I can't get me enough
EAnd when you're gone, I'll write you letters just to send you my love
A EAnd it ain't cool what I did, but I made a mistake
F#m C#mThen made a fool of myself when I let your heart break
D AI'm laying with this girl, but I don't know her name
EAnd I don't love her half as much as this guitar that I'm playing
(Chorus) D A D A D A E D E F#m C#m D A E
A EI'll be just fine when I know that you're mine again
F#m C#m(I'll be just fine) Lets do this thing one more time again
D A(I'll be just fine) Cause I'll never feel fly again
ETil we're walking down the street in time again
A E(I'll be just fine) Won't you throw me a sign again
F#m C#m(I'll be just fine) I'll write your name on my rhyme again
D (strum once) I'm on a corner and I'm begging for change Like a bum out of luck, I'm holding a sign that says... A E F#m C#m D A E (X2) (Chorus) D A D A D A E D E F#m C#m D A E I'll be just fine (6x) A E F#m C#m D A E
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