Gabe Bondoc – Summertime tab

Hi. This is my first tab ever, but I'm sure this is right. Granted, these are not the 
chords that Gabe plays, since Gabe changes it up all the freaking time. ;]
In short, these are the simplified chords of Summertime.

x- mute/do not play
(x)- completely optional to play (you don't have to if you don't want to)
hx- hammer on x

Difficulty: Medium

Gabe plays a half step down, but it's optional.


Play the first chord a couple of times, then end it with the second one. Also, your should be pressing the Eb string on the fifth fret of the first chord. You can then just bar second fret. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1 2 3 4 5 6 To help with the chords, I'll put numbers on them and align them with the song. There 6 chords in VERSE1. [1] "I've been thinking bout you, to know you, [2] [(3)] Tryin' get you off my mind, I've tried [4] [5] [(6)] And everytime I try, I fail to make any progess" As always, your thumb should be pressing on the Eb string in chords 2 and 5. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7 8 9 10 11 Again, I'll put up the chorus so you can get the jist (gist?) of it. Chord#7 is a bar chord. [7] [8] "Well I met you in the summertime, [9] And i've never had a summer better than the one [10] [11] I met you in girl, oh yeah, [7] [8] I met you in the summertime, [10] Do you keep me in mind? [11] Cause you're always on mine." (You can also add chord#3 after the 'mine') xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
VERSE2 PART2:eb|---7---x----x----x---|Bb|---7---5----3----3---|Gb|---7---5----4----4---|Db|---7---5- --5----5---|Ab|---x---5----x----x---|Eb|---7---x----3----5---|
12 13 14 15 Verse 2 has a different set of chords in the second part of it ("One day I'm gonna let go, let it out"). So for the first part of second verse, you can do the verse 1 version. On the second part, it goes like this: [12] One day i'm gonna let go, let it out, [13 strum!] Just to love so my feelings show, [14] I'm giving you my heart, Tie it with a bow, [15] You never had to try, You had me at hello. In chords#14 and #15, I usually fingerpick around. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BRIDGE:
16 17 18 19 For the bridge, you have to the play chord#16 several times, and each time you play it, have to hammer on the notes. Listen to the song to get it close to right. [16] "All these thoughts i have of you are, Wonderful in every regard, [17 strum!] So when the world's being a question mark, [18] [19] I can go to a place that I know is for sure." Chords#18 and #19 can be fingerpicked. That's pretty much it. Obviously, you can switch up your playing style (fingerpicking, w.e), but I prefer fingerpicking it, since I haven't gotten down the strum pattern that uses in this song. Lol. Have fun! For any suggestions/questions/etc, msg me or email me! :)
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