Gabe Bondoc – Love Story chords

Capo 2
Intro: C  G  Am  F

CWe were both young when I first saw you.
FI close my eyes and the flashback starts
Am FYou're standing there on a balcony of summer air.
CSee the lights, See the party, the ball gowns
F AmMaking my way, I'm moving through the crowd to say "ello.."
GLittle did you know
F GThat I was Romeo, as I was throwing pebbles
Am CI heard your father said "Stay away from Juliet!"
F Had to leave you crying on the staircase
G Am CBegging me "Please don't go!" So I said..
CJuliet I'll take you somewhere we can be alone.
GJust be patient.. nothing left to do but run.
AmYou'll be the princess, I'll be the prince.. oh!
F G CIt's a love story baby say Yes.
CSo you sneak out to the garden I'm hiding..
FWe keep quiet cause we're dead if they find me.
AmSo Close your eyes.
GLets escape from this town for a little while.
F GI was Romeo, you were my Juliet.
Am CEven my father said loving you is not worth it.
F Had to leave you crying on the staircase..
G Am CBegging me Please don't go! So I said..
CJuliet I'll save you, they'll never come between us!
GJust hold on and love is gonna free us!
AmDon't be afraid, oh we'll make it through this!
F G CIt's a love story.. baby just say Yes.
Am FI'm sure she's tired of waiting.
C GSwear I'm on my way, just had to work some things out!
Am FI hope her faith's not fading..
C GThat was when I met her on the outskirts of town and I said..
CJuliet I apologize, didn't mean to scare you.
GNeed you more than anything.. I refuse to share you.
AmSaw it in her eyes, she didn't know what to think..
F GI knelt to the ground and I pulled out a ring and said..
D Marry me Juliet. You'll never have to be alone.
AI love you and that's all that I really know!
BmI talked to our families, pick out a white dress..
G A DIt's a love story baby just say Yes.
G DCause we were both young when I first saw you.
Tabbed by me. :)
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