Gabe Bondoc - Youre It chords version 2

Alright so this is for Gabe's new song, "You're It”
Took me about a half hour to figure out but it's
not that difficult since the chords are quite
similar to his other songs.

FWI incase anyone is wondering, the ( ) are for
notes that can be played, and sometimes are,
but not always. The x means don't play it/mute
the string. I assigned names to his chords based
on their general shapes, but I realize they aren't
technically the official chord names.

Remember: tune a half-step down!
And always use your left thumb for the low E string!

G: 3x543(3)  - sometimes he plays this 35x43(3)
Am7: 5755(5)x
Bm7: 7977(7)xAfill: 555(5)xx
C: x3203(3)Galt: 354(0)3x
Em7: x2(2)0(3)x F: 13x21x Bridge: Bm7alt: 7(7)77xx Am7: 5(7)55(5)x Bbm7: 6(8)66(6)x
C: x3203(3)Galt: 354(0)3x
Intro: G, Am7, Bm7, Am7 Verse 1:
GWe can build a fort out of pillows in our living room.
Am7Play tag in the kitchen like we used to do.
Bm7 Am7I can hide, you seek, come find me.
GWe can take our bikes to the park, you know the one downtown?
Am7And we can swing on the swings until the sun goes down.
Bm7 Am7 Afill Em7 Nothing's changed with age.
C C Galt Em7 You're still as lovely as the first day.
C C Galt Em7 I told my mama you'd be mine one day.
C C Galt Em7 I'd be your everything, could not wait.
F GaltI'm so happy to say I was right.
G'Cuz you..
Am7Are the only, for me.
Bm7 Am7I've known for so long.
GAnd you..
Am7Make me feel right, child like.
Bm7 Am7 AfillI'm right where I belong
With you.
Fill #1:e-----(3)------------------(7)-(7)---(5)--(5-7p5)-|b------3--------------------8--h8p----5----5------|g------4--------------------7---7-----5----5------|d------5--------------------9--h9p----5----5------|a------x-----------3-/7-----7---7-----7----5------|E---3--3--3-/5-/7--------0--7---7-----5----5------|
Verse 2: (Same chords as Verse 1) Teach me how to jump rope, I can teach you how to climb, Play ball, then you can help me color in the lines. Always knew we'd make a great team. I can be the cop, you're the robber since you stole my heart, Or red river, I can wrap you up in my arms, Or play house, in our house. Prechorus: (Same as before) Chorus: (Same as before) Bridge:
Bm7 Am7 Bbm7 Pigtails and hand-me-downs,
Bm7 Am7 Bbm7 Couldn’t disguise what you'd be. No, no, no, no, no.
Bm7 Am7 I saw you then as I see you now:
C C GaltPerfect, lovely, worth it to me, all I'll ever need, yeah, yeah.
Fill #2: (Same as before) Chorus: (Same as before) Outro: (Same as before) So that's the song, the chords are about 99% correct. I realize that the fills have some tabs in them, but I'll figure that out later or have you guys help me: I wanted to get this tab up as soon as I could. Thanks for viewing! -Harrison-
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