Gabe Bondoc - Gentlemen Dont chords version 2

Verse 1
D A BmYou run your fingers across my lips
Am G ANo I've never felt like this before, no, no, no
D A BmI know I'm young but I know love
Am G AAnd I'd know I know an angel if I saw one
GBut I know very well
AGentlemen don't kiss and tell
GI promise I won't tell the world
Am GIf you say you want to be my girl
AIn your own words
Verse 2
D A BmI'm just a simple man, simple plans,
Am GGo to work, take care of my fam,
AI'm sure you understand
D A BmBecause you're heaven sent, independent,
Am GDo you think you need me?
AI think I need you girl, baby can't you see?
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge
GCards on the table
AWilling and able
BmStable, capable
AmOf holding you down
GI am just sayin'
A (hold)I'm not complaining
Your love is worth waiting for (Repeat Chorus)
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