Gabe Bondoc - Excuse tab

Artist: Gabe Bondoc
Song: Excuse

Hey again, just to tell you, the reason why I'm tabbing these songs is because no one
else has tabbed them out I'm sure there's tons of other people who know how to play
these songs and they probably play it differentlly. Remember, these tabs aren't very
accurate, but they give you the feeling for the song. don't take my tabs word for word.
E-mail me at if you want to complain or give suggestions on songs
I should tab out.


/=slide up ^=slap

(relative to CAPO)riff 1e|-2--0-2---2--0-2---2/3--0-3---3-2/3-0-|B|-2----2---2----2---2/3----3---3-2/3---|G|--------------------------------------|D|-0----0------------1/2----2-2-2-1/2---|A|--------0-2----2-0--------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
riff 2e|-2--0-2---2--0-2---2/3--0-3---3--0-|B|-2----2---2----2---2/3----3---3----|G|-----------------------------------|D|-0----0------------1/2----2-2-2----|A|--------0-2----2-0-----------------|E|-----------------------------------|
riff 3e|-2--2--2--2--2/3--0-3---3--0-|B|-2--2--2--2--2/3----3---3----|G|-----------------------------|D|-0-----------1/2----2-2-2----|A|----0--2--0------------------|E|-----------------------------|
riff 4 ^ ^e|-2----2-2-0---0-0-2/3--0-3---3--0|B|-2----2-2-2---2-2-2/3----3---3---|G|---------------------------------|D|------------------1/2----2-2-2---|A|-2----2---0---0------------------|E|---------------------------------|
riff 5 *e|-2--2--7---2/3--0-3---3--0-|B|-2--2--8---2/3----3---3----|G|-------7-------------------|D|-0-----9---1/2----2-2-2----|A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|*strum with thumb
Order of song: INTRO: riff 1 x2 Verse: riff 2 riff 3 riff 2 riff 3 Pre-Chorus: riff 4 x2 Chorus: riff 5 riff 3
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