Gabriella And Troy - When There Was Me And You chords version 2

This is my fist post, and remake version. So Enjoy =)

Capo 2

C F Its funny when you find yourself
G CLooking from the outside
C F G AmI'm standing here but all I want is to be over there
C FWhy did I let myself believe
G Am GMiracles could happen
C FCause now I have to pretend
G CThat I donít really care
F GI thought you were my fairytale
C G AmA dream when im not sleeping
F G Am A wish upon a star thatís coming true
F G C G Am G F But everybody else can tell that I confused my feelings with the truth
F GWhen there was me and you.
###Key Change###
D G I swore I knew the melody
A DThat I heard you singing
D G And when u smiled you made me feel
A D ALike I could sing along
B G But then you went and changed the words
A D ANow my heart is empty
D G A D I'm only left with use-to-beís and once upon a song
G A D A BNow I know your not a fairytale, and dreams were meant for sleeping
G A BAnd wishes on a star just donít come true
G A D A B A GCause now even I can tell that I confused my feelings with the truth
G ACause I like the view
A Fwhen there was me and you
F CI cant believe that I could be so blind
Em F C AIts like you were floating when I was falling and I didnít mind
BCause I like the view
G Ooh hoo hoo
AI thought you felt it too
DWhen there was me and you
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