Gabriella And Troy - When There Was Me And You tab

i love this should be close to the original. enjoy :)


D                  G
Its funny when you find yourself

   A                D
Looking from the outside

   D               G                  A            D
Im standing here but all I want is to be over there

     G                 D
Why did I let myself believe 

   A           D       
Miracles could happen

   D                     G
Cause now I have to pretend

A                     D
That I donít really care

  G                        A
I thought you were my fairytale

D                   Bm
A dream when im not sleppen

G                A                Bm     A    
A wish upon a star thatís commin trueeeeee

G                      A                  D          Bm         
But everybody else can tell that I confused my feelings with the truth

G                       A
When there was me and you.


    E                     A2               
I swore I knew the melody 

B                E
That I heard you singin

 E                   A2                         
And when u smiled you made me feel
 B                       E
Like I could sing along
C#m                        A2           
But then you went and changed the words

B                E
Now my heart is empty

      E               A2          B            E                  
Im only left with used to beís and once upon a song

  A2               B                       E                  C#m
Now I know your not a fairytale, and dreams were meant for sleepin

A2                 B                       C#m      B
And wishes upon a star just donít come true

A2                  B                   E           C#m           A2
Cause now even I can tell that I confused my feelings with the truth

Cause I like the view when there was me and you

  G                              D
I cant believe that I could be so right
F#m                                            G                D
Its like you were floatin when I was fallin and I didnít mind

B                           C#m
Cause I like the view


I thought you felt it too
When there was me and youÖ
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