Take Me Away chords with lyrics by Gabrielle Aplin - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gabrielle Aplin – Take Me Away chords

the best song off gabrielle's album, "English Rain"

Take Me Away
Standard Tuning (EADGBE)
No Capo

*Note, when I play this, I pluck the 4 bass strings, (EADG)because thats how Gabby plays it.

G Take me away
CFrom the demons in my brain
EmTake me out into the world
F G C Take me out into the day and let me find
G CMy piece of mind
GI was alone
CI was taken with the tide
Em But I knew that I was home
F When I looked into your eyes
G C And said I’m done
G CJust let me go
C/GI am hollow
I am numb
Em FI am staring down the barrel of this gun
C/GI am always by myself
Em In a sea of self infliction
F That I felt
GMy life is a line
CBurning faster every time
EmHappy’s just a dead end street
FI must turn around and leave
G COnce in a while
G COnce in a while
GI bear far more cracks
CThan the human eye can see
EmIs it fair to be perplexed
FAnd try explain what’s underneath
G CWith my success
G C Cause there’s nothing left
C/GI am tortured
by myself
EmI am haunted by
FThe fear of someone else
C/GI am fading
I’m a ghost
Em Disconnected from the ones
FI love the most
Am GYou’ve seen my best
EmTurn to the worst
I’ve dragged you
FRight down with me
Am GWant to confess
EmBut with the stress
FI’m scared you’d leave me
Am GI want you to know
Em FBut you can’t take it on your own
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