Gabrielle - Tell Me What You Dream chords

i decided to write the chords for this song because i LOVE IT and there didn't 
seem to be any chords for it. 
i think they are accurate but feel free to change chords whilst playing if you 
think they sound better :) 


F#m E She turned the key, opened the door
F#mWas he there she wasn't sure
EShe didn't want to fight no more
She had good intentions
F#m EIn that moment face to face
F#mShe saw the look upon his face
EShe held him in a tight embrace
There was warm affection
F#mTook a while before she spoke
EThere were things she had to know
F#mCompose herself and she said
A ETell me what you dream, what you see
F#m DTell me how you feel, oh yeah
ATell me what you dream
EWill you share it all with me
F#mWhat you dream
DBaby you can talk to me
(then it just goes through the same pattern) They agreed to meet halfway They would take it day by day He didn't want to lose her twice That would cut him like a knife He decided then and there to reveal his inner fears He'd always loved her from the start It was time to give his heart Took a while before he spoke There were things he had to know Compose himself and he said Baby [Chorus] Tell me what you dream What you see Tell me how you feel, oh yeah [Chorus]
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