Gaelic Storm - Born To Be A Bachelor chords

beats = |1,2,3,4| = measure

                        BORN TO BE A BACHELOR
                          BY: GAELIC STORM
                          tab by: Mikey P.

INTRO: |C--Bb| (repeated several times)

CLet me introduce me self,
Me name is Paddy Green I am me mammyís pride and joy A fine ol buachaillin! I come from the county Waterford, Near the village of Tramore, Iíve been living at home since I was one,
F GAnd now Iím forty-four!
F I was born to be a Bachelor,
Bb CIíll never walk down the aisle,
F Me mam still makes me breakfast,
Bb CLivin it up in style,
BbGirls, you'll never catch me,
FStayin single, is the plan
I was born to be a Bachelor,
C FSure Iím yer only man! Hah?
(intro) Into town on the Saturday night, All the boys go on a spree, If you come down to the disco, You can have a drink with me! With the ladies on the dance floor, Iím a wild and crazy guy, In me white socks and me black suede shoes, and me thin red leather tie! (Refrain) Then itís off to mass next morning, Iím wearin me Sunday best, Iíve got no wife to fight with, So Iíve no sins to confess! After church, the married men go home, oh what a shame! Cause Iím scullin da pints down at the pub While watchin the football game! (Refrain) (intro) play Barre Chords:
C BbIím a ramblin ranter, Iím a rollin stone,
C BbIím a galavanter go-on an leave me alone,
C BbIf yer out to get married, youíll get no joy,
C (no chord)Cause I was born and bred to be a bachelor boy!
(short intro) Up in Lisdoonvarna, Theyíve an old matchmakerís fair, The girls all go a huntin So youíll never see me there! Iíve got a Russian sweetheart, A fine ole thing is she! Sheís out in Vladivostok And thatís close enough for me! Refrain (2X) (intro out)
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