Gaelic Storm - Just Ran Out Of Whiskey chords

Gaelic Storm - Just Ran Out of Whiskey
    Tabbed by Owen Tosh

Intro: Em

EmI got a fresh tattoo of a broken heart
You'd think I'd learn by now but I ain't that smart
D EmI got a pocket full of nothing, head full of lukewarm beer
Em BmI just wanted to make myself feel good
D AFeel like I've been understood
G A D/F# EmI was wrong, I've been wrong three times this year
EmI pushed off from shore in this leaky boat
With my only friend, a bottle of whiskey in my coat
D EmI was going to drown my sorrows, discuss my attitude
Em BmI lay down on my back, I started to curse
D AInsulted every planet in the universe
G A EmHey Jupiter, if you're listening, I didn't mean to be that rude
D Hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la,
Em How hard can it be?
D Hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la, hey la, la, la,
Em How hard can it be?
Let me tell you now,
G A D/F# Em I just ran out of whiskey and I'm stranded out at sea
EmNow as the light begins to fade the sun disappears
I see a siren singing in a sea of tears
D EmI know it's you, I can tell by your hair
Em BmAnd my pulse begins to quicken as I row through the tide
D AI want to lay my head down at your side
G A D/F# EmThen you slip into the sea, you're gone, that ain't fair
EmThe sea was as black as a pirate's soul
A black velvet bag, a big dark hole
D EmJust reflections of the mocking moon above
Em BmThen a shooting star shot across the skies
D AIt was then I began to realize
G A EmI would give it all away if I could have your love
EmNow I pulled myself together, had a little chat
With my empty bottle and this little cat
D EmHe'd been hiding, he'd been there for a while
Em BmWell I told him how I missed you, how you made me feel
D AAnd even though that cat wasn't real
G A D/F# EmIt cheered me up and it made me smile
EmI stood up in that boat and I laughed till I cried
I danced a little two-step with my pride
D EmThen I thought about jumping in again, I was so alone
Em BmWell you know I couldn't do it cause I'm standing here
D AIt may have been the liquor, it may have been the fear
G A EmBesides how would that cat have got back home?
(Chorus x 2)
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