Game Theory – Girl With A Guitar tab

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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 20:22:15 -0500
From: (Andrew H. Otwell)

Game Theory's "Girl With a Guitar" bonus song on "The Big Shot Chronicles" CD

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Girl With a Guitar (S. Miller)

D                         G
Her eyes are dangerous to stand around
C            G
Twelve miles down
C           G
Transparent brown
Ground zero
D                              G
And when you ask for her she's not around
C             G
Will she come down
C           G
>From tinsel town
I don't know
D           C G
Don't know
A                        D
Girl with a guitar says "Oh yeah"
 C  G
"Oh yeah"
Bm     F#m  G   A
"Oh-h-h-h   Oh yeah"
D GSharp line contrivance seems like long agoC GLeaves hanging lowC GOnly the sunDDown your laneD GSometimes your breath's too short to understandC GFold down your handsC GCome into landEmAll saysD C GLow raysA DGirl with a guitar says "Oh yeah"C G"Oh yeah"Bm F#m G A"Oh-h-h-h Oh yeah"
(impossible bridge follows)A DGirl with a guitar says "Oh yeah"C G"Oh yeah"Bm F#m G A G A"Oh-h-h-h Oh yeah"
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